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What is a Fuel Oxidizer?

The "Fuel Oxidizer" is disruptive innovation that will increase your gas mileage and increase horsepower by 50%. Our patent pending fuel saving device changes the molecular structure of gasoline and reduces the flow rate, all without any additives.

Need a fuel efficient SUV? The "Fuel Oxidizer" can be installed in cars, SUVs, trucks, diesels, exotic cars, tractors, generators and more liquid fuel applications. Ultimately increasing gas mileage for all types of vehicles.

We use only the best materials available to create unprecedentedly designed products underpinned by meticulous engineering. Our products are hand-built with pride in America and warranted for life.


It's Rocket Science

NASA's liquid rocket engines use two separate propellants, a liquid fuel and a liquid oxidizer to generate enough thrust for rocket propulsion.


Increase Mileage & Horsepower By 50%

Upgrade your vehicle with a fuel saving device that easily installs and changes the molecular structure of your fuel for increased gas mileage. It’s backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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